Crazy Little Thing Called Love/First Love a thai movie introduced by my cousin, so i watched it and now addicted to it because of the girl Nam or her real name is Baifern. She's cute and pretty in every way. I've think i watched the movie like 6 or more times already, I can even remember how many times did i watch this movie. This movie is based on true story about first love, nice story. I think i still want to watch it again but scare my family look at me at a strange view, thinking i'm crazy, watching the same movie again and again.

Heard that there're gonna be a part 2 for this movie and it's still in draft mode, I can't wait till it come out. If you are searching for the latest movie acted by Baifern and Mario and that is Love Summer. It was released in 2011, and i'm gonna watch this movie soon. I LOVE YOU BAIFERN!!!

When I get older or get a chance to go Thailand, I wish i get a chance to see her or have a meetup and also to get an autograph and picture taken with her. She's is totally my type!!!
And one thing, from an angle of view from her, she sometimes does look like Sandara Park from 2NE1. Maybe because of there mouth? Their mouth do look like the same but that the reason that i like her so much!!!

This is the part where I really like, the best ending I ever seen in all the movie that i have watched. This is also the reason why i can't wait for the second part to come out.

It's like this, 9 years later, Nam came back from America and Shone change his career from a football player into a pro-photographer. Nam where well known in Thailand as a dress designer and were invited into a show. Uhmm, just skip to the main point.

When they saw each other, Nam ask if Shone is married. Shone says 'I have been waiting someone to come back from America' then Nam start to cry.

The best ending ever!!! At last that start to show that Shone also like Nam. I LOVE IT!!!!

If you love Baifern and Mario then here's their Facebook page and twitter account but i'm not sure if it was their real account but i just follow and liked them.
Facebook Page


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